Thursday, December 02, 2004

Streaming Christmas Music

I'm beginning to look a lot for Christmas (music)
everywhere on the web.

Did you sing along? Anyway, I've been looking for good streaming Christmas music to have on in the background while at work. I wish I had something to amplify the music from my laptop at home too. Oh well.

So I went back to a site I used a long time ago from Launch. They are pretty cool because you can join them (for free through Yahoo) and then they will play music you like. You rate each song and it learns what you really like and don't like so it'll continue making your customized channel what you like.

They have several Holiday Stations that you can customize as you go also. It's been pretty cool. I've been checking out the Traditional and Rock holiday channels. I think I like the Traditional better so far. I might even venture into the Latin, Pop, Jazz, and Gospel.

So do you know of any other good streaming Christmas music?

UPDATE: I checked out Rock and there were a few I liked, but found myself telling it not to play the song ever again a lot. Now I'm on Pop and It's Hilary Duff singing Santa Claus is Commin' To Town. Maybe I should just stick with Traditional and check out Jazz, Latin, and Gospel.

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