Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Beer Ads

You've seen the recent beer ads with refs, haven't you? When a ref comes up to some guy and pretends he's in the "game of life" I suppose and calls a penalty on him because he's drinking the wrong beer (a Bud) and they give out a Miller.

I've thought those ads were kind of lame.

Then Budweiser came back and ran ads of their own saying that the refs were secretly stealing Buds because they secretly liked it better than Miller.

I've thought those ads were even lamer.

Well, I'm not alone:
Although the commercials amused many consumers, some observers say they lack sportsmanship and maybe good sense. Even television networks are pulling some spots and refusing to introduce others.

Critics say the ad campaigns present several problems: Some of the Miller commercials make unsubstantiated claims about its rival's products, while the Bud spots include unlawful acts.
Okay, I said the commercials were lame. I never said they were lacking sportsmanship or good sense. Ever think some people take things too far? I'm glad they are pulling some of the ads...not because of their reasons, but because I just think they are lame.

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