Saturday, January 08, 2005


  1. It is never ever wrong to claim scoreboard after a victory.
  2. No argument after that claim shall diminish the claim of scoreboard.
  3. Scoreboard is all that needs be said after a victory.
  4. It can be debated which is a better program. It can be debated which had a better season. It can be debated who "owns" who. But it CANNOT be debated who owns scoreboard.
  5. Be it a last second, fluke, debatable, controversial, unpopular, lucky, or ugly victory, it still deserves scoreboard.
  6. Stats lie. The scoreboard doesn't.
  7. A picture of a scorebaord is worth well more than a thousand words.
  8. If a fan of team A claims his team owns team B, but yet team A lost the last head to head matchup then scoreboard is still a valid claim against team A.
  9. Past records make NO difference to scoreboard.
  10. Scoreboard lives until a new scoreboard is born. (Caveat: Particularly beautiful scoreboards live forever).
  11. Scoreboard ends arguments. It doesn't begin them. There is NO arguing scoreboard.
Originally posted on the TigerNet Forums.

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