Monday, January 17, 2005

Vick is Back

Arguably you could say that the title refers to Michael, QB for the Atlanta Falcons and on the verge of a Super Bowl birth. But that's not who I'm writing about.

Marcus Vick is back at Virginia Tech. He's the younger brother of Michael. You may remember Marcus was kicked out of school earlier this year.

Glad to see he's paid his dues and is back. Hopefully that straightened him out some.

Also, if you go back to that post about the Vicks I posted, you'll see Michael wasn't going to shave his 'fro until he won the Super Bowl:
"I'm growing my hair out it, and I'm not going to cut it until we win a Super Bowl," Vick said. "I was going to let my hair grow last season, but I cut it three weeks before I got hurt. I'm really superstitious, so I'm going to let it grow. As bad as I want it off my head, and as hot as I am, I won't cut it off until I win a Super Bowl. I will win a Super Bowl -- someday."
I haven't been able to verify that he hasn't cut it yet. Looking at photos, I can't tell.

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