Thursday, February 17, 2005

Expanding the Orangejack Reach

Last weekend I gave a quick update on the Orangejack Network of Websites (TM). Today I want to announce that the Orangejack Network has now been expanded by one half.

Yesterday I became co-author of A blog about watching reality television and living the E.P.I.C. life.

You can read the official announcement: RealityBlogs Merges With OrangeJack.

I think it was this post about William Hung yesterday that finally sealed the deal with my new partner, Steve of

It's a privilege to expand the Orangejack universe, even if it's half a blog at a time. Bwahahahahahaha! Don't worry Brain...I won't be renaming this the Pinkyjack Blog.

Oh! You may be wondering what's this "E.P.I.C. life" all about. Follow the trail and you'll learn....

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