Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Finish Well...Leave a Legacy

I'm just going to give some quotes from this article and let you read it. It's great and well worth the read.
Dr. Robert Clinton...has identified six common traits of leaders who quit running the race effectively:

1. They lose their learning posture.
2. The attractiveness of their character wanes.
3. They stop living by their convictions.
4. They fail to leave behind ultimate contributions.
5. They stop walking in an awareness of their influence and destiny.
6. They lose their once vibrant relationship with God.

Have any of these self-destructive time bombs crept into your life to any degree?

Starting well is beneficial. Staying the course is critical. But if we don’t finish well — that tends to be our legacy regardless of how we started or lived most of our lives.
The article stands along quite well without my comment.

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