Sunday, February 06, 2005

It's Super Sunday

After church, lunch, and a nap, I'm ready for the big game!

Who 'ya got?

I've got the Pats by 21. I really think it'll get that bad.

BTW: I felt that at the end of last year's Super Bowl, we could see this match-up coming.

UPDATE: Philly is up 7-0 with less than 10 minutes in the 2nd. Off to a bad start for my prediction! Best commercial so far is FedEx Kinkos.

UPDATE 2: Pats tie is up 7-7 with just over 1 minute until the half. FedEx Kinkos still the best commercial so far.

UPDATE 3: Katie & the boys are liveblogging the Super Bowl.

UPDATE 4: Na na na na na na na na, na na na na, Hey Jude!

UPDATE 5: Pats starting to make my prediction look a little more realistic. They are now up 14-7 with just over 11 minutes left in the 3rd. I'm already tired of the Mustang winter release commercial.

UPDATE 6: Okay, the best commercial so far is now the Anheuser-Busch one where everyone in the airport is applauding the American soldiers coming home from war. Well done, AB.

UPDATE 7: Philly ties it back up 14-14 with just over 3 left in the 3rd.

UPDATE 8: Pats take it to 21-14 with just over 13 left in the game.

UPDATE 9: "The next episode of American Idol is the most important one yet"? Sheesh.

UPDATE 10: Pats starting to kick it into another gear. They go up 24-14 with just over 9 left in the game. Get it? Kick it? Oh nevermind.

UPDATE 11: I'm tired of our local FOX affiliate who insists on having it's logo constantly on the bottom right corner. It keeps covering up postings of stats.

UPDATE 12: 2-minute warning. Still 24-14. Eagles have the ball on the 30, but they are playing like it's the 3rd quarter and not the 4th.

UPDATE 13: Eagles get the game to 24-21. 1:48 left in the game. But it's only interesting if Philly can get the onside kick.

UPDATE 14: It's not interesting.

UPDATE 15: Okay, it's kinda interesting. Philly gets the ball back with 46 seconds left and they need to go about 65-70 yards to get a FG to go to OT. But I doubt it.

UPDATE 16: Philly can't do it. Pats repeat by winning Super Bowl 39 by 3, 24-21. Bring on the Simpsons.

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