Thursday, February 10, 2005

Jury Duty Over

I told you last night that I was summoned for jury duty today. Turns out, they let me go early. Right at noon they said "If you haven't been called yet, you can go home." So I did.

There were 135 of us there and after I got there I realized they had wireless available for those who brought laptops. D'oh! I wish they told us that before we got there! Oh well. Then they had a cyber-cafe that was made up of old computers. But they warned us if we logged into any website, the computer wouldn't log you out so others could access your stuff. I don't believe it. But there weren't any open computers anyway so I didn't get a chance to try it out.

But the cool thing was when I got there, I saw a guy I sort of knew from work. So I approached him and we talked the entire morning making plans and basically having a business meeting all morning long! Pretty cool.

They only called abut 5 groups to see the judge and that's all they needed today. My friend got called at 11:30. We were all dismissed just before noon. Sorry, Joe!

So now I'm back home, sifting through 40+ emails trying to figure out what my priorities should be. I couldn't decide so I blogged instead!

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