Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mourning Football

Jerry Greene of the Orlando Sentinel writes today:
That's right, friends, football season is over. Oh, sure, there's the Pro Bowl on Sunday night, but that's like giving methadone to an opium addict. It's not the real thing.

We must watch something else, but what?

We can rule out hockey -- because it already ruled out itself. I know there are a few of you who are miserable because the NHL is pulling its own plug. But most of us do not miss it for a moment.

Almost all of us miss football. We can't stand the idea of being without it even for a few months. But we must. It is the way of things.

So what about other sports? Do we care? That's our question today, class: 'If a sport other than football disappeared, would you miss it?'
It's a great question. Leave a comment answering the question. For me, football is the only thing I really miss. I watch March Madness, but that's about it for basketball. Don't care much for baseball and the NBA. Greene gives some ideas:
Hockey : We've answered that.

Arena football: After your third big beer, you can hardly tell the difference.

Baseball: If you're from Montreal, you don't have to answer this. Tampa can skip this one, too.

Extreme sports: Judging by the falls these kids take, this activity is probably cleaning out the genetic pool and eliminating itself.

NASCAR: Hey, back off! I was kidding! (Nice shotgun rack in your truck.)

Poker: If you watch other people playing poker, you are in serious need of a life.

Figure skating: Women (and men) wearing sequins and displaying great taste in music. Something for everyone.

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