Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bracket Update #4

The Bad News for me: My bracket isn't working out like I'd hope.
The Good News for me: Everyone else's brackets are all messed up too.
The Good News for you: No more bracket updates until later in the week.

I went 7-9 in getting the Sweet 16 right. Here are my 16: Illinois, Boston College, LSU, Oklahoma St, Washington, Louisville, Gonzaga, Wake Forest, UNC, Florida, Kansas, UConn, Duke, Syracuse, Oklahoma, and Kentucky.

I filled out a bracket based on seeds and found out that according to the seeds, the Sweet 16 would be 8-8. So I feel like I'm not too far off. BTW, round 1 'should' have been 25-7 which is what I did.

So the Seed Bracket is 33-15. I'm 32-16. Does that mean I've bogeied the torney so far? I'm 1 over.

Of the teams I'm tracking (besides my picks), UCF, Winthrop, Wake Forest, and now UF and GA Tech are out. UNC, NC State, and Duke are all still in. That makes my teams 9-5.

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