Friday, March 18, 2005

Bracket Update

Winthrop really gave Gonzaga a scare and almost pulled off the upset. They just need another year like this one and maybe they'll creep up in the seeds so they have a better chance of advancing some time. Well done, Eagles!

Oh, and as for my picks, I started the day 8-0! Finished 13-3 on the day. Not a bad start!

Of the teams I'm tracking (besides my picks), UCF & UF take the court along with UNC, NC State, Duke, and Georgia Tech today. Wake Forest already advanced and Winthrop almost kept dancing. That makes my teams 1-1.

How did you do in "the best sports weekday"?

Oh yeah, I meant to also say I had a funny email convo last night. I told someone I was watching a reality tv show called March Madness. They replied asking what it was about. I told them to turn to CBS to find out and their reply, "Oh, so that's why Judge Judy wasn't shown."

I just had to laugh.

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