Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spring's Big Break

Back in the day (when I was still in college), during spring break we'd take off and go to Daytona Beach. It was always a blast. I remember one year just trying to get there was a real adventure.

On Thursday night before Spring Break I ate a frozen pizza. On Friday afternoon, my buddies and I drove 2 hours to my friend's house. We had pizza. We then decided to leave at midnight to make the 8 hour drive to Daytona. So we stayed up all night driving down.

On the way, we hit bad weather. Somewhere in the middle of Georgia the weather started getting rough. Our tiny car was tossed. If not for the courage of our fearless crew the land-cruiser would be lost...the land-cruiser would be lost.

We stopped after it settled down and went into a local diner to find out we just missed the tornado. What?!?! So we regained our wits and kept going. The rest of the trip was really windy. I remember my leg for driving was tough. There was debris all over the road and the car was swaying in the wind.

When we got to Daytona, the beach was missing. The waves were up to the wall! So we went to IHOP. Later we went to Wendy's. Our stomachs were getting upset with all the grease and lack of sleep. So when we went to dinner with other people from our campus, we went to the Ryans all-you-can-eat veggie buffet!

So I tell you that to tell you this...
NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams to feature Big Break on Good Friday

On Friday, March 25th, NBC Nightly News will air a story about Campus Crusade's Big Break outreach during the 6:30 pm broadcast (Eastern). The story will feature two students involved with our ministry and show the worship sessions and beach evangelism in action. Please pray for the final editing of this story...that the gospel message will be clearly, accurately and positively portrayed.
The conferences are now in Panama City and they really rock. Did you get whiplash from that transition? LOL! Sorry.

Please check your local listings for your showing.

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