Friday, April 01, 2005

Arrived in Budapest

(click on photos for larger view...I'm trying out a webservice called Flickr to manage photos while here)


After some long but good flights and some of the fastest connections I've ever done, we finally made it to Budapest! I almost just wrote "yesterday" but with time change, I'm not sure what it was! I know it was April 1 when we finally got to Budapest.


The flights were good. What none of us could understand is why we had 45 minutes to make our Boston connection...when it would take us at least 15 minutes to change terminals. We had to go check back in and go through security because Delta couldn't give us boarding passes back in Orlando for Air France's legs from Boston to Paris and Budapest. Our bags were checked all the way to Budapest, but not us! But we made the plane.

I'm not a fan of Air France, but I will say this, they have a good International meal...and free wine. Their in-flight entertainment was lacking. Patricia watched the movie Sideways. I wasn't impressed with the movie selections so I watched from the "TV" selection. I got to watch MacGyver. Yup. It's 2005 and I get MacGyver. I had to laugh...and I did! Another thing I found humors is that they told us, in English, that there was to be "no smoking in the toilets".

I only got about 2 hours of sleep...if that much on the 6 hour flight. It was so foggy when we came into Paris that I told Patricia, "Man it's taking forever to land this thing". Literally 5 seconds later we landed. It looked like we were still in the clouds! Someone else commented, "We landed, but I still don't see the ground!"

Thankfully our next flight was delayed because if it weren’t then we wouldn't have made it either. There were 6 of us traveling and every bag we all checked made it! We were quite pleased.

Tom & Jerry picked us up and gave us a couple hour driving tour of the city including this shot of the Danube river.


After a meeting later this morning we're going to go back out into the city. But from what I've seen so far, it's a nice and pretty clean city.

I only got about 6 hours of sleep last night which I don't understand. I was so exhausted...still am! We went to bed at 9 local time and I woke up at 3. At 4 I got on up. I don't get it. I'm sure I'll need a nap today...and probably won't get it. Tomorrow night the reason we came here gets started and both Patricia and I need to convert our plane-completed talks into PowerPoint sometime this weekend.

Will upload and post more as I can.

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