Friday, April 22, 2005

Visiting South Carolina

girlsWednesday I flew up to South Carolina where I grew up to visit some of our partners in ministry and of course to spend time with my family! Our nieces are so cute! We went for ice cream the other night and after they were full of sugar they were running around the shop. There isn't a connection, is there?

A couple of funnies from them...

Lera Martha is the older one. We were watching a video and on the preview they said the movie had a soundtrack. She got all excited. "Soundtrak! Soundtrack?" I said, "What's a soundtrack?" She said, "I don't know. But it must be a sound...and a track." Yup. It is exactly that!

Later during supper, Amelia wanted out of her chair but she couldn't get out. She said, "I can't get out!" My mom, trying to instill some manners to a two-year-old said, "Well, what do you say?" Without batting an eye, Amelia said strongly, "I'm stuck!" Yup. That's what you say alright!

flowersThe other thing cool about being here in South Carolina is that the flowers are all in bloom and it's beautiful. I took this one in my parent's backyard.

Today I'm driving up to the Charlotte area to visit more friends and family...but won't be up there long.

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