Sunday, May 22, 2005

Are Worm Holes Really Possible?

Okay Star Trek geeks, this is for you. I'm not a huge Trekkie, but I've watched a good portion of it all. I'm a Star Wars fan at heart. I mean, after all, Star Wars is a documentary (it happened a long time ago) where Star Trek is all fantasy (being about the future and all).

But I digress...(or have I already?)

Over the weekend during some down time I found an online video series from NOVA called The Elegant Universe. They are really well done. They talk about how we have the theory of relativity to explain how large objects interact (like in space) and we have quantum mechanical theories to explain how thing work on the sub-atomic level, but no "Theory of Everything" to explain it all.

For the past 20 or so years many have been looking into something called "String Theory". I don't want to attempt to explain it. Just watch the videos. It's interesting...though I can't say I'm buying it all yet.

Oh, if you want to watch just one segment to get a good overview (and see about worm holes), watch the one called The Wild West of Physics from Hour 3.

I'm not geeky and all (sorta), but this is actually entertaining. Go check it out and see what you think. They even get into the Big Bang Theory and some of the problems it has and how String Theory is trying to solve those problems.

Interesting stuff.

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