Thursday, May 05, 2005

Brown Humanity

Does management at the Cleveland Browns care? Oh yes, they care, but it seems they only care about themselves.

Over the weekend, Tight End Kellen Winslow of the Cleveland Browns was in a motorcycle accident.
Emergency room physicians at MetroHealth Medical Center said that the main concern for Winslow would be the internal injuries, which are potentially life-threatening.
Did you catch the part that said "potentially life-threatening". Management didn't. Or they choose not to.
The injuries to Winslow's knee and shoulder have the Browns concerned about his ability to play this season, reported.
Don't just take it from that report. CBS Sportsline's account of it this morning doesn't even mention his life-threatening injuries.
The Browns issued a statement saying his knee will continue to be re-evaluated but declined to provide any specifics. CBS's Clark Judge reported Tuesday that injuries to Winslow's knee and shoulder might keep him out the entire season.
Now I know there's stuff in his contract that says he shouldn't be doing stuff like this so they're upset. And he's a big contributor to the team's success(?). But come on! Management seems to be more concerned about the man's knee because that means he may not play this year than being concerned about his life!

Am I reading this wrong? Is it overly hyped reporting? Or are the Browns just wrong?

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