Friday, May 20, 2005

Odd Friday

Today is a strange day for me. This morning we went to funeral and tonight we go to a graduation.

Makes for weird emotions.

The funeral was for a girl we didn't know, but I feel like I do know her. She's the step-daughter of a co-worker. She was 18. She's been on mission trips, had a lot of friends who really loved her, and a family that is in a lot of pain.

Nicole had been driving for 3 weeks. She didn't have on her seat belt Saturday. She met Jesus face to face moments after being thrown from her car as it rolled down the highway at 70+ mph.

It's tough to see teens have to weep, wail, mourn, and grieve like that. It's tough to see a mother lean into a coffin to kiss her daughter for the last time.

Everyone received a card about Nicole. In part it says:
Eight Things Nicole Knew About Life
1. Life was created by God.
2. Everyone has a purpose to be here.
3. Live can come so fast but then it can go so fast.
4. Life cannot be practiced.
5. Every day is different.
6. Life is a gift to be cherished.
7. Everyone has a crush on at least one person in their life.
8. Everyone has an opinion on everything.
Though I didn't know her, I'm feeling distracted. 18. No seat belt. Saved. Tears. It's tough.

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