Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blizzards and Hurricanes

What do blizzards and hurricanes have in common?

A baby boom 9 months later.
The power was out and there was nowhere to go. Central Florida couples did what many couples do when the lights go out.

So, it's no coincidence there's a baby boom nine months after Hurricane Charley. Since May 20 -- 40 weeks after Charley hit -- the number of births is up 26 percent at just one hospital compared with this time last year.
And all this prompted this quote:
"We've got our catcher's mitts on," said Jan Wagner, a registered nurse in Halifax's labor and delivery department.
"There was no electricity, they were spending a lot of time at home, there were candles and -- I'll leave the rest up to you."

Some women said the storms and their aftermath also made it difficult for them to reach their pharmacies for birth-control pills.

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