Monday, June 27, 2005

Nuthin But Grass

Whoa! I had no idea there was a whole organization dedicated to playing Washers. I was introduced to the game in 1997 and a buddy of mine and I built portable set.

Back in Greenville, SC where we were living at the time, I was on local sports with the game. The sports anchor for the NBC affiliate in Greenville was Geoff Hart (who is still there now). Back then he had a weekly segment called "Hart Stoppers" where people would challenge him to some sport no matter what it was.

We challenged him.

I won.

Then the segment was on TV. I think I still have the tape around here somewhere. One of my favorite parts is once I tossed the washer into the hole and it "swished". My buddy said, on camera, "Nuthin' But Grass". Classic.

Our game is a little different than the version I've recently read about. We added a backboard.

Thanks Jerry for letting me know there's actually a nation-wide organization for the game!

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