Monday, August 22, 2005

When Animals Attack

Sounds like a show on FOX, no? Maybe it has been...or will be.

But this weekend I watched a couple of shows about different animal attacks. 2 animals specifically.

First was a program about two shark attacks in as many days off the panhandle of Florida. They said there are only 3 types of sharks that have the reputation for attacking people. The Great White, Tiger Shark, and Bull Shark.

Usually when a Great White or Tiger Shark attacks, they bite once and let go. We are not part of their diet. Of course one bite can be lethal. About 50 people a year die from shark bites in the US. These two also usually are deeper-water sharks.

In the shallows is where the Bull Shark can and does attack. And as this special pointed out, these actually can attack. In June, one killed a teen girl and another(?) almost took the leg off teen boy. The Bull Shark bit, and fought to keep coming back attacking. He bit the girl several times even after she was rescued on a long board surf board.


Their advice was not to swim in murky water, be near those fishing (the boy was fishing and had dead shrimp in his pocket), or swim near the sand bars because that's where the sharks feed.

Then last night I was watching another special about an animal that kills on average 3 people a week(!) in Bengal. That animal is the elephant. Can you believe that? I didn't. There was an account of a 4-ton elephant SNEAKING UP on two guys. He killed one and the other escaped with his life. There's like 4-6 inches of fat on the bottom of their feet.

I think the conclusion was that short/no-tusked bull elephants are more aggressive. But they don't know why they are attacking people more. Makes you reconsider relocating them in the US, doesn't it?


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