Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hurricane Ophelia

Well, she made it to hurricane status today. Who knows where she's going. My bet is she'll loop around and come through Florida still around St. Augustine.

Here's something interestingly cool. I know that Ophelia is almost 100 miles north-east of Orlando. We're close enough to where we get wind (avg 15-20 mph) and rain often. We're far enough away so that the "fury" isn't here all the time. What that means is quite often (like on the way to work this morning) you can look at the sky and see bands of clouds moving very fast out of the NE.

In a way it's kind of cool. You look at the satellite and know it spins, but when you're near the center of a hurricane, you can't tell it's spinning. It just comes hard and fast. But on the edge, you can really see how it cranks.

Interesting side-note about a possible Katrina effect in Central Florida: I was talking to a friend about the housing market here. It's in a real boon. But there is a shortage of "quality workers" on site. There's a fear that the quality workers may jet for the Gulf effected by Katrina because there may be more money to be made. If that happens, the boon could slow...or crappy houses will be built.

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