Friday, September 16, 2005

Pray for Fellow Blogger

Good friend of mine and fellow blogger, Tom Seely, is a missionary in Budapest and having to deal with a serious delima. Please pray.

From his blog today:
The news from Dr. Varga wasn't good. I have a severely Herniated Disk between L5 & S1 (if that means anything to you). He said that it can't be helped by therapy and that we should move quickly towards surgery. Valerie & I will go tomorrow morning to meet with him and discuss the situation.

Now the big decision. I never imagined myself having surgery in Hungary. If I did, I wanted to do it at the Private Hospital in the country that caters to Westerners like me. It appears that if I have this surgery done here, it will be in a city hospital that looks like something from 50 years ago. I have total confidence in the doctor because he is a leading expert in the field and does these surgeries all the time. I don't have confidence in the hospital where I'll have to spend 3 or so days recovering. Having surgery and being in the hospital is stressful in the US and it seems like adding language barriers, cultural differences, etc .. . will increase that level significantly.

On the other hand, should I return to the US to do the surgery? That means a long plane flight (this whole thing got really bad on the last plane flight I took), and probably a long stay in the US in order to recover. It would be difficult to be away from my family that long.

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