Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tigers Taking on the Twerps

Clemson helmetIt's halftime of the Clemson/Maryland game. We're down 7-10. I wanted to give some first half thoughts...If we won't get burned on the long ball and get the O working good drives again, I think we'll pull this one out.

CU Sporting News has a good preview of this game.

UPDATE: Clemson pulls it out! Whew! Man, I don't like how we keep winning close games. but we're winning! 2-0 on the season so far and more importantly, 1-0 in the ACC!

I was glad to see Clemson go downfield on a pass or two. Finally connected and we got a TD out of it. Our running attack is looking good...really good.

Oh week we host Miami. This is going to get good!

UPDATE: Per usual, CU Sporting News has a good recap.

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