Friday, September 03, 2004

Boarded Up

Well, we're all boarded up. It's been another long day, but not as bad as yesterday. Hurricane Frances has been slowing down a lot and I knew they'd be changing the forcasts for it all day. They have. Yesterday they thought it'd come through Orlando as a Category 2 hurricane. Today they thought it'd go south of here. Today it was back through Orlando. Now they say it's south again.

The good news is that it's been weakening and we could only get tropical storm strength winds. It can still get stronger and could still come here, but we're as ready as we can be. It should start tomorrow evening and last over a day! That's what will be the biggest problem...sustained strong winds and rain for a long time.

I'll post more as I can. Hopefully we'll still have power and they'll still show the Clemson game tomorrow afternoon!

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