Saturday, October 02, 2004

Three Minute Workout

One of the things we did when we first got to the Vancouver area was to join a gym. We found a good one so that's a good thing. I'm going 3-4 times a week, though I should probably go more often.

Anyway, I got up to go this morning and got there at 10 till 8. Only 2 cars were in the parking lot. I didn't realized they opened at 8. So I stood outside talking with the guy waiting. The alarm went off inside and you could see the girl who opened running all around trying to get everything under control.

More people starting showing up and a couple of co-workers came also. At 8, the alarm was still going and one of the co-workers came to the door to be let in. She said "It's 8, let's open." "Can't right now. I can't get the alarm off." They both go in.

The guy I was talking to was getting anxious to get in so he tried and was told to wait. That made him more upset and impatient.

At 8:02 he huffed and puffed and left disgusted.

They let us in at 8:03 with the alarm finally off. He saw us going in, but he left anyway. I guess he only planned for a 3-minute workout.

I write about this because it reminded me of me. I'm sometimes like that guy. I tend to get all huffy (at least in my heart) and sometimes let people know about it. It's just a poor attitude. What makes it worse is that this guy probably went home and the next several hours were ruined. Probably the next few days or weeks he'll have a bad attitude towards the gym. I know. I've been that guy.

It was good for me to visually see what my life is like sometimes. It's not pretty sometimes. All that because they were 3 minutes late.

Turns out I still need a little more grace in my life.

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