Sunday, May 22, 2005

The (no) Rest of the Weekend

I know you know about the funeral Friday morning and the emotions that came with it (if you haven't read the comments and other blog posts created as a result, you should).

That evening though we went to a good friend's graduation from seminar (RTS in Orlando). Maybe she'll blog about it and I'll link to it (ahem!)

Anyway, it was great to see her graduate...though I have to say her father seemed happier than we were! ;-)

Then yesterday was cutting the grass, napping, then back out for a surprise birthday party for another friend. Today visiting a different church with our Vancouver guests and a drop-in this afternoon for Karin's graduation (side note: when running spell check in Blogger, it didn't know the word "Karin's". It suggested "garnish". I won't get to philosophical on how Karin's stuff this weekend was like garnish...that'd be too cheesy, eh? (that's for my Vancouver friends)).

Not the most restful weekend as we go into days of solid meetings again. I feel like all I do are meetings now. They'll slack off soon enough to be sure.

It's been a crazy and strange emotional weekend.

And that's why I haven't seen Star Wars III yet. I think Tuesday night will finally be the night!

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